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The most important revelation
The Love of God Recently, the Lord reminded me of something important, something I think we all need to be reminded of at times.
Written by: Per Lundberg 2010-01-05 Read more
He was bruised for our iniquities
Salvation Today we are celebrating Good Friday. Can you really say celebrating? Yes, you surely can, since on this day Jesus paid the great price for all our sin on that bloody cross of Calvary. And this is surely something worth celebrating!
Written by: Per Lundberg 2008-03-21 Read more
The Dwelling Place of the Glory of God
Teaching from the Word The Glory of God is His manifested presence.  Man was created in the image of God and she was clothed in the Glory of God, from the top to the bottom.  When the Bible describes the fall of man it talks in these terms, that she "fell short of the glory of God" (Rom 3:23).  It is this sense of loss, that something important is missing, that drives people to invent all kinds of ideologies and religions, to fill that emptiness.  But there is really nothing that can satisfy a human being other than the Glory of God, because the Glory of God is the manifestation and revelation of Himself.
Written by: Per Lundberg 2004-09-16 Read more
Caleb - a model man of faith
Teaching from the Word Caleb is one of the interesting personalities we meet in the Old Testament.  But he is not just an interesting person from the history; he has something to teach us in our very time.  Follow along in a short lession of the history of Israel!
Written by: Per Lundberg 2004-07-18 Read more
Our Father: The Most Important Revelation about God
Teaching from the Word Even though I know it is dangerous to try and compare the importance of the things of God, I would still say that there is one revelation that is more important than anything else.  That revelation is the fact that God is a Father God.  Lack of this revelation in one way or another is causing more people to struggle in their faith than anything else.
Written by: Per Lundberg 2004-07-02 Read more
My Vision of John G. Lake and E.W. Kenyon
Teaching from the Word I was driving down the freeway to attend the board meeting of the International Fellowship of Ministries which was then known as Ministerial Fellowship of the USA. This organization of ministers was founded by John G. Lake shortly before World War II. At that time a was a trustee on the board.
Written by: Joe McIntyre 2003-01-18 Read more
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